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Recent News

While injuries on the playground or at home are not infrequent, injuries at a piano lesson are rare, if not non existent. Leo and Carlos managed each to sustain injuries while at their most recent piano lesson in February. During Carlos' lesson, Leo was visiting with the resident canine, Dasha, when he got knocked in the face with the dog's head (we're not sure how this occurred) resulting in a bloodied nose. Trooper that he is, Leo promptly showed the teacher the proper way to stop the bleeding. Carlos managed another first for the studio. When turning to leave the room, he caught a splinter from the floor in the big toe of his left foot. It was a monster of a stick, 1/8 inch in his toe, another 1/8 inch poking out. Luckily there was enough material to grab onto that tweezers were not needed, and the injury was quickly remedied. Antibacterial cream and a band-aid were supplied by the nursing staff.

Siu-Wei and Derek had a chance meeting (Edit: -_-;)with their former piano teacher Mr. Ortiz at a recent Chinese New Year celebration. Although each is engrossed in studies at UC Bereley, and neither has kept up their pianistic skills, both managed to keep their heads above water (pianistically speaking). Siu-Wei was invited to play the secondo part from the Sonata for four hands, in D major by Beethoven. Mr. Ortiz took delight in her skill and musicianship. Derek, also playing the secondo part, did quite well in the Schubert Marche Militaire, keeping a sparkling and lively tempo. The party guests loved being treated to some quality live music. Siu-Yuan, a current student, managed to side-step performing, as she busied herself with a laptop computer, acting as though she was working on this website! (Edit: I was too working. =.=")

Student Bios

Recently featured as a harp soloist with the Solano Community Orchestra, Ann performed a movement of Mozart's flute and harp concerto. On February 24 and 25 Ann will play harp in Tchaikowsky's Swan Lake with the Temple Hall Orchestra in Oakland. But what about piano? Ann has won prizes in the Solano branch MTAC annual scholarship auditions, placing first in 2006 for her performance of the Prelude in G minor, Op. 23, No. 3 by Rachmaninoff. A talented young pianist for sure, Ann is also an accomplished harpist. She was recently accepted as a harp student in the BYU music program. No small achievement, this. Competing against ten other applicants, Ann won one of two slots for new harp students. Congratulations are in order.

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